1. Empty Sink and load dishwasher

2. Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces

3. Clean and wipe exterior stove and fridge

4. Remove garbage accordingly

5. Sweep/ vacuum and mop kitchen floor



1. Dust all reachable surfaces

2. Wipe down glass fixtures and mirrors

3. Remove garbage and recycle accordingly

4. Sweep/ vacuum and mop floor



1. Dust all reachable surfaces

2. Wipe all mirrors and glass fixtures

3. Dress up bed service

4. Sweep/ vacuum and mop floor

5. Remove garbage and recycle accordingly



1. Bathroom sink counter-top washed and sanitized

2. All bathroom faucets and handles polished

3. All soap and toothbrush caddies cleaned

4. Mirrors and stand-up showers washed and cleaned

5. Tub washed and sanitized

6. Toilet washed and sanitized

7. Remove garbage and recycle accordingly

8. Sweep/ vacuum and mop floor


Additional services per request (Extra Charge)

1. Cleaning and rearranging inside cabinets

2. Inside oven

3. Inside fridge

4. Linens wash and fold

5. Interior windows


The following services are not offered:

1. Deep cleaning stain removal

2. Mold removal

3. Insect removal

4. Exterior window cleaning


Monthly /Set price

Studio - $120

1 Bedroom - $135.00

2 Bedroom - $155.00

3 Bedrooms - $165.00

4 Bedrooms - call for quote


* Any work done past 3 hours / 20$ per hour


More than one bathroom in any size apartment is $15 per bathroom cleaning.

Deep cleaning service $375 with 20% Discount.

We also provide organization services. Call for quote.



Bi-weekly/Set price

Studio - $90.00

1 Bedroom - $100.00

2 Bedroom - $130.00

3 Bedrooms - $140.00

4 Bedrooms - call for quote


Additional -

Inside Cabinet: $20.00

Inside Fridge: $20.00

Inside Oven: $20.00

Laundry: $20.00





Our staff at Maid  to service  knows how to get the job done we often exceed the expectations of our clients. No office is to big or small for our skills and experienced staff


1. Dusting

2. Polishing of all surfaces

3. Vacuuming of carpets

Non carpet flooring

4. Cleaning of all appliances

5. bathrooms

6. Cleaning food preparation area

7. Trash collection recycle and removal


Call for Quote

Moving in or moved out Cleaning

We know and understand when moving in / moving out from a home or office can be overwhelming and time consuming, but rest assured our staff at maid to service will be happy to assist in post cleaning or helping situate your items. We will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


        Note:: please call for quote for moving in moving out.


 Services offered when

 Moving in moving out!


 General basic cleaning includes


1) Bedroom, living room and common areas

2) Bathroom cleaning

3) kitchen cleaning

4) placement of items on request


Move in/Out Cleaning:

Unfurnished & Empty home/Apt

Includes-Inside Cleaning of all major appliances,

cabinets and closets. EVERYTHING MUST BE EMPTY (rooms and appliances)


1 Bedroom $200

2 Bedroom $250

3 Bedroom $300

4 Bedroom $350

Cancellation policy


You will not be charged if you cancel at least 24 hours before your service start time, otherwise you will be charged 20%. For late cancellation you will be charged 25%





We stand behind our work. If we accidentally missed something listed on the service menu

Please call customer service within 24 hrs. A Maid to service employee will return to your home and redo the work at no additional charge!